2-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-
ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Long
Hill Jingumae 4F



Sign graphic: Kohei Sekita
Use: Retail shop (sneakers)
Completion: October 2021
Photo: Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON
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ストリートカルチャーを長きにわたり発信し続けている原宿、キャットストリートの裏道にオープンしたTOKYO 23のインテリアデザインを手掛けた。
スニーカーをポップカルチャーへ昇華させたと言われているジョーダンを展開するショップに相応しく、ブランドのルーツである バスケットボールの世界観が体感出来ること、ジョーダンカルチャーのファンによるコミュニティが自然に形成されるような場を目指した。


Interior design project for the Jordan Brand store TOKYO23, located on Cat Street in Harajuku, a well-known center of Tokyo street culture
Designed as the largest Jordan Brand retail space in Japan, the store that offers a complete range of apparel for men, women and children was relocated and expanded from its previous nearby premises.
Widely credited for introducing sneakers into popular culture, the Jordan Brand wanted to create a space where people could experience the world of basketball and brand roots. A place where a community of fans would naturally form.

Located in a 30-year-old rented building amongst other units, typical to Harajuku, and with an entrance set slightly back from the main street, the interior design needed to stand out to passersby. We installed a large LED display that covers a portion of the back wall with a basketball court that spreads out from it and into the center of the space.
Inside the store, colored Jordan Brand products are sophisticatedly displayed, an ode to the vibrancy of Harajuku street culture. Particular attention was paid to the choice of materials and details when designing the interior to express the depth of grey tones characteristic of the Tokyo landscape.

LEDディスプレイの前に設置されたバスケットゴールを見上げるように、エッジをコンクリートブロックで囲われた幅 約7.5m x 奥行 約6.5m、床上200mmのバスケットコートを設置した。コート上には透明の什器が3列に置かれ、スニーカーが規則正しく美しくディスプレイされている。

TOKYO 23がカルチャーの発信地となるべく、LA在住の日本人アーティストREINA KOYANO氏によるグラフィックアート、京都小嶋商店による照明と外から見ると提灯に見えるJUN INOUE氏によるチェア、ジョーダンにちなんだエレファント柄をモチーフにしたのれん、グラフィックデザイナーの関田浩平氏による東京の住所表示や、どこか懐かしい印象のある看板などから「ジョーダン x 日本」をコンテンツからも感じてもらえるような工夫を店内に散りばめた。

When standing at the entrance area, looking up towards the basketball goal set in front of the LED display, you will notice the basketball court measuring approximately 7.5 m by 6.5 m in length and width. The court is raised 0.2 m above the ground and marked out by concrete blocks. Three rows of transparent fixtures on the court regularly display a range of beautiful sneakers.
In addition to operating as a retail space, the store was designed as an events venue. Therefore, the furniture and fixtures, made from up-cycled materials, are modular and movable, with display shelves that appear to have been built from fences pulled from the streets into the store.

Artworks have been carefully curated inside the store to create a cultural hub for the city of Tokyo, featuring graphic art by LA-based Japanese artist Reina Koyano, lighting by Kojima Shoten and chairs by Jun Inoue that look like lanterns when viewed from the outside. In addition, the interior is decorated with Jordan-inspired elephant motifs and graphic designer Kohei Sekida’s nostalgic shop signage that give the space a “Jordan x Japan” feel.

竣工写真:Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON 

Design supervision: SAKUMAESHIMA
Sign graphic: Kohei Sekita
Use: Retail shop (sneakers)
Total floor area: 204.5㎡
Location: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Completion: October 2021
Photo: Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON