2-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-
ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Long
Hill Jingumae 4F


未来のオフィス 4×SCENE

Use: Office
Completion: March 2022
Photo: Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON
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未来のオフィス 4×SCENE

JR秋葉原駅の目の前にあるUDXビルにある、NTTアーバンソリューションズのためのオフィスインテリアプロジェクト。約1,000平方メートルのフロアに約100名程度の方が働くプランであったこと、NTTグループのICT、エネルギー、環境技術、不動産などを最大限に活用しながら街づくりを支援する会社として、多様な働き方を社員の方が実践できつつも、NTT グループのブランドイメージを体現するようなオフィスを目指した。

An office interior project for NTT Urban Solutions, located in the UDX building in front of JR Akihabara Station
The plan was for approximately 100 people to work on a floor of about 1,000 sqm. NTT Urban Solutions is a company that supports urban development while making maximum use of NTT Group’s ICT, energy, environmental technology and real estate. The aim was to create an office that would embody the NTT Group brand image while allowing employees to practice diverse work styles.





Taking advantage of the rectangular floor space that stretches east to west, we zoned it according to sound and set up a quiet zone on the floor. Three main areas have been set up, with the office area in the middle and the cafe lounge on the right (west) side of the entrance, allowing employees to choose where they want to work freely.

By installing two sets of box-shaped private rooms on the east and west sides, we were able to connect these areas and create a sense of space. A group of private rooms next to the cafe lounge is a collaboration area that can be partitioned off with curtains for casual use among employees. In addition, a meeting room next to the office area is partitioned off with a glass door.

We kept the flooring and ceilings throughout the offices as simple as possible to create a sophisticated space while highlighting the diverse activities that take place.

In addition to accommodating the variety of working styles, we selected furniture that is flexible enough to adapt quickly to changes in layout and increase in staff numbers.

施工:NTTアーバンバリューサポート, 内田洋行
延床面積: 933㎡
竣工写真:Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON

Design supervision: SAKUMAESHIMA
Construction: NTT Urban Value Support, UCHIDA YOKO
Use: Office
Total floor area: 933㎡
Location: Chiyoda – ku, Tokyo
Completion: March 2022
Photo: Masaaki Inoue / BOUILLON