2-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-
ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Long
Hill Jingumae 4F


Sony Square Shibuya Project 2017

Use: Exhibition hall
Completion: April 2017
Photo: Takumi Ota
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Sony Square Shibuya Project   2017





We designed an event space in Shibuya for people to experience Sony products. As the exhibition content is updated every month and a half and refreshed each time, it was necessary to create a space with the capacity to adapt to changes in curation and use.

We hoped that the “innocence of materials and space” would create a feeling people could relate to and that they would continue to react to the roughness of the materials used. The material we chose was wood wool cement board, which is a rough material and allows for easy repairs to the exhibits, which are renewed each time. It can easily be roller-painted, making it a material that shows its strength in operation.

The rough wood wool cement boards are carefully joined together on the floor, walls, and ceiling and are neatly aligned. A sense of unity was created by the power of composition.

We aimed to create an environment that would be the framework for a space that can accommodate a variety of exhibition situations.

竣工写真:Takumi Ota

Design supervision: SAKUMAESHIMA
Construction: Itoki Market Space
Use: Exhibition hall
Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Completion: April 2017
Photo: Takumi Ota