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ソニーグループ品川本社 PORT

Use: Office
Completion: November 2018
Photo: Joshua Lieberman
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ソニーグループ品川本社 PORT

ソニーグループ品川本社にある「PORT」エリアの改修計画。2,180平米ある大きなワンフロアの中央位置にオープンスペースを設け、そのスペースを囲むように面接室と透明なガラス張りの研修室を配置した。フロアの両サイドでも様々なアクティビティが行われているのと同様に、中央のオープンスペースに施設の利用者が自然に集まり、様々な活動ができるようにした フラットなプランである。


Sony Group Shinagawa PORT is a refurbishment project for the PORT area of Sony Group’s Shinagawa Headquarters. The project space, located in the center of one large 2,180 m2 floor, had interview rooms and a transparent glass-enclosed training room surrounding it. Users of the facility naturally gather in the open plan space for various activities. Many activities also take place on both sides of the floor.

Sony has a history of diverse personalities creating great products and company culture. We, therefore, wanted to create a place where diverse personalities could work in a lively and creative way to carry on such traditions.





We believe the renovation method of adding new elements to the interior while carefully utilizing the buildings existing bare-bones has the potential to make a space look completely different with minimum effort; this was particularly effective for this project.

The ceiling panels and lighting were removed, leaving the equipment pipework, and new lighting was installed using the remaining grid frames. The existing carpet was removed, the exposed OA floor was carefully rearranged and clear coated, and the joints and power supply holes were finished with manufactured stainless steel pieces. The glue residue from the existing carpet looks like a checkerboard pattern, and this look also made the newly installed floor iconic. A new wall finished with a wooden cement board and flexible board was built to nestle into the existing space.

In addition, the furniture installed in the space was daringly varied, including vintage, ready-made and custom-made pieces, to make it easier to accept possible changes in the future.

By leaving room for renewal and change in the office interior, we believe that it has become a neutral space with the capacity to allow workers to layout and use it freely.

竣工写真:Joshua Lieberman

Construction: Itoki Market Space
Use: Office
Total floor area: 2371㎡
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
Completion: November 2018
Photo: Joshua Lieberman