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Sony Creative Center Minatomirai Office

Use: Office
Completion: March 2021
Photo: Masaki Ogawa
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Sony Creative Center Minatomirai Office

みなとみらい線 新高島駅下車すぐのビルに位置する、カメラを中心としたプロダクトをデザインしているチームの為のオフィス設計を手掛けた。


We designed an office for a product design team, mainly designing cameras, located in a building just off Shin-Takashima Station on the Minatomirai Line.

The layout had to be comfortable and functional while supporting the designers’ creativity. In addition to being able to accommodate various formats of meetings and workshops, both internal and external.








The entrance area, located on the north side, and the 470 sqm space, which has light coming in from two sides facing southeast, are relatively small for the functions required. We had to consider how various activities could fit comfortably into the space and incorporate acoustics and visibility into the design.

To ensure natural light reaches all areas, we divided the building into three spaces from north to south: public, semi-public and office. The entrance is a public area and can be further divided into public, semi-public and private with sheer curtains and drapes, creating a light division of the three with highly mobile elements. Curtains also allow for the creation of flow lines from public areas to semi-public areas when necessary.

A semi-public area, open to visitors, is located past the entrance and along the curtains in the public area. It was designed to be easily adapted to meet the needs of internal and external events.

The front area is furnished with a unit of high tables to facilitate meetings for a small number of people. In the back area, a curtain used as a partition can be drawn at the back of the entrance, allowing workshops and regular meetings to be held while the inside faces a large window.

Considering that the number of people and layout may vary from meeting to meeting, the chairs are easy to stack, light and sturdy, yet beautiful.

An office area was also planned on the east side of the space, with areas for concentrating on work and areas for easy communication while working, while creating a flow line towards the window.

As the entrance is an office for a team designing cameras, we used 18% grey for the color scheme, a color often used for grey reflectors for exposure measurement and control. We created a gradation in the space based on this color, and the semi-public areas were planned around a flexible neutral grey, while the office areas a light grey color that brings warmth to the space.

竣工年:2021年 3月
竣工写真:Masaki Ogawa

Construction: KOKUYO
Use: Office
Total floor area: 460㎡
Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Completion: March 2021
Photo: Masaki Ogawa