2-19-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-
ku, Tokyo 150-0001 Long
Hill Jingumae 4F



Use: Lounge
Completion: October 2023
Photo: Masaaki Inoue (Bouillon)
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近年、ホテルや飲食・物販などでの再活性化が目覚ましい日本橋兜町・茅場町エリアにてスタートアップエコシステムの発展を加速させていくことを目的に設立された会員制コミュニティラウンジ「FinGATE CLUB」のインテリアプロジェクト。

今プロジェクトでは、FinGATE 5拠点の会員を中心に、コミュニティの更なる発展を狙って、ビジネスモデルの紹介やマッチングイベントを開催できるようなイベントスペース、ミーティングスペース、そして利用者が作業に集中できるデスクを、約240m2内に計画することが求められた。

FinGATE CLUB is an interior project for a members-only community lounge established to accelerate the development of the start-up ecosystem in the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho areas, which have seen remarkable revitalization in hotels, restaurants, and sales of goods in recent years.

In this project, to further develop the community, especially the members of the five FinGATE sites, we planned an event space for introducing business models and holding matching events, a meeting space and desks where users can concentrate on their work within an area of approximately 240 m2.




また、そのモジュール家具の近くに置かれる家具も、カジュアルなミーティングやセミナー・ビジネスマッチング等の機会を最大限に活かすことができるよう、軽やかさを持ちながら、長時間使用できるプロダクトをセレクトした。 *クライアントであり、「FinGATE CLUB」の運営を行っている平和不動産株式会社は、2017年より新興資産運用会社及びフィンテックを中心とした金融系スタートアップの起業・成長を支援するインキュベーション事業「FinGATE」の運営を行っており、現在ではFinGATEシリーズは計5拠点にのぼる。(内、現在までデザインを手掛けたのは2拠点,FinGATE TERRACE: とFinGATE KABUTO: である)

When you open the entrance door, you immediately see a gold counter. This counter is set up to allow conversations with the community manager and to serve as a simple kitchen during lunch and events. Planning it closer to the entrance allows for a larger event space while also acting as a device to create a lively atmosphere.

On the left side of the entrance is a name board with a map of the Nihonbashi Kabutocho and Kayabacho area, where tenants’ information can be viewed. Behind this is a meeting room. As the facility is used by many industries that often deal with confidential information, the meeting rooms are planned at both ends of the site so that the contents handled in each meeting room is not visible from the outside.

In the central area, highly versatile, modular furniture has been designed along the windows to allow people to concentrate alone or gather to talk casually.

The furniture placed close to this modular furniture was also selected to maximize opportunities for casual meetings, seminars and business matching; they are light products that can be used for extended periods.

*HEIWA REAL ESTATE CO., LTD., a client and operator of FinGATE CLUB, has been operating the FinGATE incubation business, which supports the start-up and growth of emerging asset management companies and financial start-ups with a focus on FinTech, since 2017. The FinGATE series has a total of five locations. (Of these, SAKUMAESHIMA has designed two to date, FinGATE TERRACE: and FinGATE KABUTO: fingate-kabuto/).

施工 : イトーキマーケットスペース
竣工写真:Masaaki Inoue (Bouillon)

Design supervision: SAKUMAESHIMA
Construction : Itoki Market Space
Use: Lounge
Total floor area: 245㎡
Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Completion: October 2023
Photo: Masaaki Inoue (Bouillon)